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Increase audience retention rates from your conference calls with web conferencing services.

We've all done it. We've struggled to keep ourselves awake during a teleconference or meeting. And while we've tried to pay close attention, a well intentioned speaker has lulled us to sleep with a monotonous lecture.

Retention of information is the key, whether you're communicating with clients, conducting product training or holding internal meetings.

The Learning Pyramid

Research has shown that using interactive-learning techniques can substantially boost participants' retention of the information conveyed.

"What can I do?"

Incorporating interactive elements into your meetings is easier than you think, and your next conference call is the perfect place to start.

Next time try using web conferencing tools to present slideshows, share applications, and collaborate on ideas.

You can keep your audience interested and involved while increasing their retention rates at the same time.

Click here for more information about how WebPlus web conferencing from ConferencePlus can help get your participants more involved and ensure your presentations don't become monotonous.


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