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Required Reading: The 8 R's of Web Conferencing

Is web conferencing the right choice for your organisation? Check out our "8 R's of Web Conferencing" to find out how you could benefit from combining ConferencePlus Online Meeting or one of our other web conferencing services with your next conference call.


Top 6 Tips for a Successful Conference Call

#1 - For an efficient and effective meeting, plan ahead. In the conference notification, inform participants of the purpose, agenda and time limit for your meeting. During the meeting, encourage participants to stick to your agenda and time limit!


April 2010

Have a Conferencing Question? Ask Our Expert!

Remember in school, when your teacher told you there is no such thing as a stupid question? We at ConferencePlus agree and have designed an ongoing webinar series to do just that - answer any and all questions you have about conferencing.

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You can now store, manage and share your recordings of WebEx web conferences with Share Portal™.

This functionality expands the already popular Share Portal content management tool. In a single location - Share Portal will now automatically store:

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ConferencePlus customers now have the capability to store, publish and share their Live Meeting Web Archives using Share Portal.

This functionality expands the already popular Share Portal content management tool. Now Live Meeting Web Archives and audio recordings are automatically stored in a single location.

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Store. Publish. Share.

It's just that easy with Share Portal™, our new and innovative content management tool for conferencing.

What is Share Portal?

Share Portal is a simple, web-based publishing tool for sharing your recorded conferences and related files. With Share Portal you can now store your conference content in a single location and publish it to secure web pages to share with others. You'll have complete control of your content with an easy and secure way to share access.

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8 R's of web conferencing

  1. Refresh your sales approach with presentations that pop!
  2. Rejuvenate your internal meetings with powerful visual aids.
  3. Retain your employees and improve productivity with online training sessions.
  4. Revitalize your budget by eliminating business travel costs.
  5. Restore your value to customers with integrated audio and online communications.
  6. Reinvent your brand with a marketing tool that builds awareness and loyalty.
  7. Revive the attention of sales prospects with striking visuals.
  8. Recreate the way you do business with the easy-to-use and effective tool of web conferencing.

We've all done it. We've struggled to keep ourselves awake during a teleconference or meeting. And while we've tried to pay close attention, a well intentioned speaker has lulled us to sleep with a monotonous lecture.

Retention of information is the key, whether you're communicating with clients, conducting product training or holding internal meetings.



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