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Affinity Program: Support Program

The ConferencePlus Affinity Program provides your members and supporters with trusted and reliable conferencing services at a great price while supporting your organisation with a new non-dues revenue source. It's that simple!

The ConferencePlus Affinity Program is ideally suited to address the needs of associations, alumni associations, chambers of commerce and other non-profit organisations. ConferencePlus provides your members with a complete portfolio of high quality audio, web and video conferencing services at savings only available to larger, high volume users. Your organisation will then benefit through a monthly royalty based on the aggregate participation of your members.

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support to all of our business partners. Your program will be up and running in weeks - not months - when you partner with us. Our billing and reporting systems have the flexibility to accurately meet your needs and will ensure that all royalty obligations are met.

Our dedicated account team is there to serve your needs. We take an active role in implementing your members, making certain that they understand how conferencing can help them improve their communications.

ConferencePlus enables you to:
  • Earn new non-dues based revenues with little or no investment.
  • Offer your members high quality audio, web, and video conferencing services at members-only pricing with substantial savings.

ConferencePlus offers:
  • A dedicated account team to ensure the successful implementation and growth of your program.
  • Accurate and timely billing and reporting to ensure that all royalty obligations are met.
  • Turn-key marketing communications support to reach your members.
  • A complete portfolio of fully assisted and fully automated audio, web, and video conferencing services.
  • Integrated audio and web conferencing capabilities with our web conferencing partners - Microsoft®, WebEx™, and IBM®.
  • Event registration and production solutions for your organisation's educational programs, conferences, meetings and events.

Marketing Support

ConferencePlus will work with you in marketing conferencing services to your members that fits with your Affinity strategy. We respect the relationship you have developed with your members and we will work closely with you to ensure this relationship remains intact. So whether your members prefer printed copy or contact through email and the internet, ConferencePlus can tailor a solution that meets your needs and those of your members.

Available Conferencing Services:

For an overview of the audio, web, webcasting and video conferencing services available to our Channel Partners, please click here.


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