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Channel Partners: Wholesale Resellers

ConferencePlus offers a complete range of private branding services to our wholesale resellers. Our flexible, high capacity network design enables you to integrate your network with ours, or use our network, depending on your needs. Our support extends well beyond carrying traffic on the network.

Channel Partner Benefits:

  • Training for your sales force on how to effectively sell conferencing services.
  • Support for responding to conferencing opportunities.
  • Assistance in developing marketing materials, branded fulfillment, and promotions.
  • Continuous account support including sales, implementation, account team support & customer service.

Support Program:

For a detailed summary of the support services ConferencePlus provides to Wholesale Resellers, please click here.

Available Conferencing Services:

For an overview of the audio, web, webcasting and video conferencing services available to Wholesale Resellers, please click here.


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