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ConferencePlus Develops New Share Portal Conferencing Content Management Tool

SCHAUMBURG, IL, MAY 27, 2008 - Conference Plus, Inc. (ConferencePlus™) a leading global provider of audio, web, and video conferencing services, today announced the launch of Share Portal™, an innovative content management tool for conferencing. Share Portal is the backbone of a suite of services that will allow ConferencePlus customers to store, publish, and share all their conferencing content, including recordings, media files, and any related files.

With the initial release of Share Portal, ConferencePlus customers are able to store their audio conference recordings in a single location. They can then place those recordings on secure web pages to be shared with others.

The creation of Share Portal is an outgrowth of ConferencePlus' high-end event management business, which began as developing custom Portals for larger customers. "We've had a long track record of managing the highly customized and complex events of major companies," commented Tim Reedy, President and CEO of ConferencePlus. "We realized there was an unmet need for an easy way to distribute their highly valuable content."

"Two years ago, we began proactively addressing this need," Reedy added. "For these customers, we developed custom portals that contain not only content that has been generated from our services, but we're taking their archived content and other files and adding that to their portal site as well."

With more customers in search of this service, ConferencePlus began a program of extensive customer research, including customer surveys and focus groups to determine their needs for a content management service. With the knowledge gained, ConferencePlus developed and productized Share Portal for all of their customers to manage their conferencing content.

"Customer-oriented product development has always been one the keystones of our success. No other conferencing provider has taken this kind of approach - our engineers are continually developing intuitive and easy to use tools that simplify the customer's experience," Tim Reedy said. "We see a lot of "me too" in this industry, so developing new online tools and services to meet customer needs is a strategic imperative to stay ahead of other Conferencing Service Providers. Take our My Account Dashboard for example, it is not only the most robust online account management tool in the industry, but we have provided custom branding of the Dashboard for over 100 customers because it's important to them to have their own look and feel." Reedy added.

Share Portal will be embedded into the Account Dashboard giving customers an easy way to store, publish, and share the captured content from their conferences. This enhancement to Dashboard adds to a feature set that already includes the ability to schedule and edit automated conference calls, launch web conferences, and view service history and charges from previous meetings.

This launch of Share Portal is the first phase of a comprehensive suite of offerings that will include the ability to store and publish presentation files, web presentations, webcasts, videos, podcasts, and any other relevant content. Subsequent releases planned over the next year will give conferencing users more content types to work with, more security options, enhanced branding capabilities, and other functionality to enhance ease of use.

"The initial launch of Share Portal is just the beginning of the new services that ConferencePlus will bring to market and demonstrates ConferencePlus' dedication to first-in-market, best-in-industry conferencing tools," said Tim Reedy. "In this and other offerings to come, we'll continue empowering our customers with products and services that go beyond the simple conference call."

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