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Westell's ConferencePlus™ Launches Flat Rate Audio and Web Conferencing Package Featuring Microsoft® Office Live Meeting

Small and Medium-sized Businesses Benefit Most from Unlimited Audio and Web Conferencing Package

SCHAUMBURG, IL, October 08, 2009 - Conference Plus, Inc. (ConferencePlus™), a subsidiary of Westell Technologies, Inc. and a leading global provider of audio, web, webcasting and video conferencing services, today announced the launch of ConferencePlus One, a flat rate audio and web conferencing package featuring Microsoft® Office Live Meeting. The ConferencePlus One package provides the small and medium-sized business market with a complete audio and web conferencing solution at an affordable flat rate.

ConferencePlus One gives customers unlimited use of the Microsoft Office Live Meeting web conferencing platform with up to 15 participants for one year. Offered at a flat, annual rate, ConferencePlus One includes integrated audio conferencing at no additional charge.

"We're very excited to offer this conferencing package and pricing model to our small and medium-sized customers," said Tim Reedy, President and CEO, ConferencePlus. "We designed this package to help simplify conferencing budgets for smaller organizations, while giving them a complete solution to fill all of their audio and web conferencing needs," Mr. Reedy added.

In addition to simplifying budgeting and eliminating billing surprises with the flat rate model, customers receive added benefit from ConferencePlus One's high-quality audio conferencing service. ConferencePlus audio is integrated directly with the Microsoft Office Live Meeting platform and gives customers a seamless solution with substantially better audio quality than similar products in the marketplace.

"One of the main differentiators of our ConferencePlus One package is the integration of our high-quality audio conferencing," said Mr. Reedy. "While similar web packages are currently being offered on the market, they typically leave customers with the unreliable nature of VoIP for their audio conferencing. Since VoIP audio relies on the host's PC resources and internet transport, the audio quality for the users can be inconsistent at best. With ConferencePlus One, our customers receive the latest audio technology available and our industry-leading customer support included in their flat annual rate. All of this combined with the robust feature set of Microsoft Office Live Meeting and ConferencePlus online account management tools gives our small and medium-sized customers an easy choice," Mr. Reedy added.

ConferencePlus is offering the ConferencePlus One web and audio conferencing package exclusively online. More information can be found at

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