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April 2010 Conferencing Blog Archives

I am sure you have heard the adage about how parents always think their child is the looking, best student, best athlete or best behaved. The same can be applied to marketing campaigns. Each organization thinks their campaign is the best. In a way, these campaigns become our babies and it is easy for us to be biased.

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If you are familiar with planning online meetings and events, you know presenting online in an engaging and interactive format can sometimes be a challenge.

When putting an ear to the conferencing industry, one question we hear time and time again from presenters is, "How do you capture the authenticity and interactive dynamics of a face-to-face meeting, and then project those same qualities into an online meeting."

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I was on LinkedIn the other day, perusing the "Answers" section when I stumbled upon a question posed from a longstanding marketer. It was, "Is there a difference between webinars, web conferences and webcasts, and if yes, what are the main differentiators." Great question, a lot of people interchange the three and they shouldn't, they are very separate entities.


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