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Ten Tips to Help Promote Your Webinar

I am sure you have heard the adage about how parents always think their child is the looking, best student, best athlete or best behaved. The same can be applied to marketing campaigns. Each organization thinks their campaign is the best. In a way, these campaigns become our babies and it is easy for us to be biased.

When promoting your webinar, remember not everyone has a special place in their heart for your online event - so market accordingly. The hard truth is that you can promote your webinars until your keyboard bleeds, but if your content isn't valuable to your audience, it is always going to be a hard sell. So first and foremost, get a great speaker to present an engaging topic. Once you have crossed that off your list, it is time to start promoting your webinar.

  1. Social Media. These two words can be a little daunting at times, but social media is a perfect platform to use when promoting anything, especially webinars. You will often see topics, events, stories, or video go viral on social media sites. Before you know it, your brand and your webinar are spreading like wildfire to audiences you never expected to reach. Start small. Some primary sites to focus on are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Additional Tip: Don't over indulge, and don't be over bearing. Promote enough to be efficient (once a day or so) but don't smother people with links to your events.
  2. Create a promotion or giveaway for attendees. I think this one is key. You can offer a great white paper to anyone that signs up, or a 50% discount to all attendees. These promotions will drive traffic to your event, and it will help keep your audience engaged. For instance, in our upcoming webinar we are offering 50% off a participant's next online event, and our speaker is giving away ten copies of his book. Both great ways to reward people for taking the time to attend your webinar.
  3. This one I actually took from because I thought it was so brilliant. Create a video or audio introduction about your webinar, and then embed it in your website and/or event invitations. Hearing or seeing an introduction to your webinar will help convert potential registrants. Post it on YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo and other video sites to get more visibility.
  4. Send out a press release announcing your webinar or online event. You can use a service like Marketwire, which will distribute, and index your press release to over 3,500 websites. This allows people to find you based on search terms and keywords they are interested in, and will result in higher conversion rates. Other popular online press release sites include PRWeb and PR Newswire.
  5. Reach out to bloggers. Bloggers and citizen journalists are setting the standards as industry influencers. Identify and reach out to some of the high influencers in your industry. Invite them to your event and encourage them to write a review or to conduct an interview with the featured speaker covering topics related to the webinar.
  6. List your event. Two great sites to list your online event or webinar are and Good news, both are free!
  7. Blog about it. Write up a blog post on your event that people can find when browsing your site. All of your subscribers will be alerted of the event as well!
  8. Send out a newsletter. Draft a quick and simple newsletter highlighting the webinar and the speaker. It will lend credibility to your webinar and provide a resource for participants to learn more about the speaker and the topics that will be covered. Highlight why it is important they attend and what they will learn.
  9. Email Marketing. Send an email out to your lead list and prospects inviting them to your webinar. Make sure you track the registrations so you can easily follow up on any new leads after the event.
  10. Target industry trade publications. Editors and reporters are always looking for companies and content relevant to their industry. If you are a company working in engineering, environmental or even finance, reach out to the trades in your industry. Send them your relevant webinar information, invite them to the event, and let them know you are available for any pre-conference or follow up interviews as well.
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