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Use Social Media to Drive Sales

Social media is a beast and all the variations of social engagement can be staggering. For a sales driven organization, it's important to harness the power of social media influence and apply it to the sales process.

ConferencePlus was pleased to feature an expert on the subject of using social media to drive sales in our recent June, Ask The Expert webinar.

Doug Richards, Social Business Evangelist at Centriq Training, shared with us the secrets of selling using social media. The webinar covered the "Social-to-Lead" process, a skill that every sales professional needs to survive in today's world of Web 2.0. He emphasized that the sales cycle used to be a lengthy process of dial after dial, and massive email blasts. However, with the advent of social technology sales professionals can now stop chasing sales opportunities and instead start reacting to buying signals. He emphasized that in order to create a social-to-lead machine, the social sales professional must rethink their selling methods and focus on optimizing new "pull" strategies to replace traditional "push" methods.

The on-demand recording highlights several interesting tips on how to do increase your network and your selling power through social media. Below are nine things you can do today to get started. For a more in depth look at the "Social-to-Lead" process you can download the whitepaper HERE.

  • Create an Online Identity
  • Listen
  • Effective Messaging
  • Participate
  • Respond
  • Reputation Management
  • Grow Your Network
  • Prospect
  • Research

To listen to the full presentation or download the slides and handout please CLICK HERE.

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