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November 2010 Conferencing Blog Archives

The Story:

I read a case study a few months back on how Reveille Software leveraged the use of webinars for lead generation. Reveille had a clear objective, which is to increase new leads interested in the company's performance management solutions. They employed the strategy to stage monthly webinars, hosted by the company itself as well as in partnership with partners and resellers. The result of this exercise was a whopping 60% increase in new leads, attributed to the Company's webinars in the past year.

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Let's talk about using web and social media to "spread the word" about your live events and webinars!

This post will highlight some of the strategies that can be used to grab the attention of potential attendees before an event, whether featuring it on the corporate blog or linking to the email newsletters or Twitter feeds leading up to the event.

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By now, all of us have heard that online meetings can improve productivity, shorten sales cycles, increase sales volumes, etc. The fact is that these claims are true, provided you choose correctly when selecting your online meeting the solution. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to use an Automated or Operator Assisted Meeting solution. In this posting we will focus on when you should consider using an Automated Online Meeting service, and we'll look closer at Operator Assisted services in a future posting.

What is an Automated Online Meeting? It is a commonly used term where you as the host of the meeting take care for the setup and launch of the meeting, opening and closing of the meeting and everything in between.
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