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Improve Your Voice, Improve Your Sales

I've got to be honest; it all started when I came across this article "Improve Your Voice, Improve Your Sales". I frequently get some interesting comments when someone hears me over the phone without first meeting me. It starts something like "Umm... you sounded very mature when I first heard your voice" or "Oh well you sound very serious" or I have heard something like this also "When I first heard you, I thought I am talking to someone very senior but you turned out to be much younger".

Since I am smart cookie, I can read between the lines. All the above statements actually tell me "Hey you really sound very old over the phone but I am pleasantly surprised to find that's not true". Over the years, I turned out to be extremely self-conscious of my husky imperfect "old" voice.

Occasionally, my job requires me to be a webinar host to introduce the speakers and moderate the Q&A sessions. Each time, during test recording of my script; I cringe hearing my own voice. Numerous consolations from my boss and colleagues have succumbed in front of my deep rooted self criticism.

This makes me wonder how the webinar speakers can keep their voice upbeat and in many ways so dramatic. The over the top, high pitched, pep talks that entice audience, is still beyond my abilities. The art of voice modulation is probably one of the most important "must-have" that regular webinar speakers need. While addressing an audience using audio conferencing or web conferencing , the ability to project your voice and modulate can actually make or break a webinar lecture.

If you're making a speech to the sales team to explain how to generate leads or as part of a marketing initiative, it will be a lot more effective if the audience is engaged and is listening to you until the end of your webinar. All of us have a natural way of varying the pitch of our voices when we are in a social settings but it gets really tricky to do the same while delivering a business speech, especially to an audience whom you can't see.

This requires proper training and that's probably why expert webinar speakers are in high demand in the today's corporate environment. Speaking is an art and speaking at webinars needs special expertise and training to identify when to slow the pace and enunciate clearly to emphasize a point.

So if you are want to use webinars as your sales and marketing tool to get your message across your audience maybe it is worthwhile to explore the option of getting some formal training before you kick start your new endeavor.

And don't forget to get feedback from people who know the craft.

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