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What's Your Fear Factor?

I am claustrophobic. I am afraid of being locked in an enclosed area and not being able to breathe. I make sure that I have access to an outlet that allows me to breathe the air coming from outside in case of any eventuality and definitely I ensure not to enter into an elevator alone!

There I said it all! There were endless debates in my mind trying to find out at what level this psychological fear impacts me. For some people, it is the fear of talking in front of others without being able to see their facial expression. A recent survey reveals that more than 39% of office staff are concerned about their appearance on camera and is not comfortable using video conference.

Public speaking is a talent and sometimes it's intimidating. It becomes worse when you are not face to face with your audience, don't know what they are thinking, can't see their facial expressions. In a nutshell you are actually talking to a computer screen and trying to gauge in your mind that you are getting your message across. Needless to mention, like a supercomputer your brain keeps wondering if you are looking right and talking right!

Even in this era of new age technology, video conference stands like a giant scary monster to most people. Whereas we all are very comfortable using Skype on a regular basis to chat with our friends and families, the thought of using Video Conferencing for business development or sales presentations or for any other business purposes ,make many of us uncomfortable. But if we really start thinking about the values that audio conference, web conference and video conference create in our daily work productivity, it may be worth the effort to overcome the phobia.

Conferencing is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for an organization in today's World, where we have clients not limited to a specific geographical boundary. It cuts the cost of traveling, increases the bottom line and not to mention it reduces the carbon footprint.

However conferencing requires practice. It's not important how great we sound over the Audio Conferencing or how our appearances may look over the Video Conferencing, the most important thing is to get comfortable with the medium. Once that happens, perfection, fluidity, passion and the ability to engage the audience will happen in no time.

You need a great conferencing call provider to help you overcome the initial hurdles by providing an easy to use and simple solution which helps you to reach that comfort level.

So next time, before you say "no" to Video Conferencing, take a deep breath and find the right partner to tame the monster.


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