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Have you tried the power of webcasting yet?

There was a time when webcasting was underutilized and was just limited to corporate training sessions or annual general conferences. Today, savvy businesses are finding creative ways to leverage the power of an engaging and inspiring webcast to build brand visibility and efficiently reach a large audience.

But how? Here are some pointers:

Case Studies

Case studies continue to remain a key element in driving brand awareness and building customer confidence.While written case studies have a place in the marketing materials, from websites to brochures, there's also a place for delivering case studies via pre-recorded webcast delivered on-demand. Incorporating a testimonial from a happy customer or dynamic charts that detail the success can be extremely effective.


"Content is King" is no longer just a buzz word of the season. In this era of user generated content one of the keys to building the strong relationship that nurtures dedicated consumers is to offer dynamic content and communication that provides value. For many companies, that means adding pages of articles and blog entries.Using on-demand webcasts is an ideal way to add engaging and useful content that interests the potential and current clients.


The flexibility of webcasting makes it the perfect channel for both live and on-demand events.Some brands use webcasting to draw in their consumers. Other companies have incorporated webcasting into their service offerings.Some webcasting platforms have integrated with social media networks to schedule ongoing updates during the events.

When it's time to put the power of webcasting to work, contact the experts like ConferencePlus to help transform your brand-building ideas into action.

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