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Are you ready to ask the right question?

Our recent Ask the Expert webinar, "Selling to your customers who don't have time to see you" prompted me to write this blog. During that live event, presented by Chris Lytle, it was interesting to see how Chris kept the audience engaged by asking right questions at the right time.
Whether you are trying to engage a group of trainees or generate potential leads, these webinar tips may help you on your next webinar:
  • Use questions as a lead-in to a new topic. This is an ideal way for presenters and facilitators to gauge the level of detail you'll need to go into during that section.
  • Use direct and relevant questions that foster thinking and encourage a response. For instance, if you've just demonstrated something, ask how attendees might use that function in their day-to-day tasks.
  • It's important to let the audience know how you'll deal with questions. Will you answer questions submitted via chat during the session? Will you address them all at the end? It is good to decide before the webinar how the questions will be handled and then let attendees know what to expect. Many webinars will have a dedicated assistant managing the chat queue during the event and either feeding the most engaging questions and comments to the presenter throughout the presentation or addressing them at the end of the presentation. Either way can work, with a good assistant!

Webinar best practices aren't just about starting on time or making sure the slides are readable. It's equally important to ask the right questions to make an event successful and keeping the audience involved.

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