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Many large enterprises have attempted to deliver conferencing services throughout their organization by investing in on-premise audio or video conference bridging equipment. In most cases this decision is made to eliminate transport costs incurred with using hosted services delivered by a service provider.
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There was a time when webcasting was underutilized and was just limited to corporate training sessions or annual general conferences. Today, savvy businesses are finding creative ways to leverage the power of an engaging and inspiring webcast to build brand visibility and efficiently reach a large audience.
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I am claustrophobic. I am afraid of being locked in an enclosed area and not being able to breathe. I make sure that I have access to an outlet that allows me to breathe the air coming from outside in case of any eventuality and definitely I ensure not to enter into an elevator alone!

There I said it all! There were endless debates in my mind trying to find out at what level this psychological fear impacts me. For some people, it is the fear of talking in front of others without being able to see their facial expression. A recent survey reveals that more than 39% of office staff are concerned about their appearance on camera and is not comfortable using video conference.

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Happy New Year to all of you!

The new year at ConferencePlus kicked off with the announcement of our hosting of the TeleSpan Industry Predictions web conference on Friday, January 14, 2011 at 1:00 PM EST. Elliot Gold, President of TeleSpan, will deliver his 2011 predictions for the conferencing industry. Mr. Gold is known for his accurate predictions for teleconferencing industry with accuracy rating over 71%!

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Every product and solution these days is claiming to be green! Green is the new buzz word! Green is the new Black!

Logos of companies are turning green and people are just drinking a lot more green tea than before.

Use of technology to reduce carbon footprint and create overall environmental impact has become a social responsibility and is contributing to sustainability initiatives in IT, training, marketing, and sales departments worldwide.

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Social media is a beast and all the variations of social engagement can be staggering. For a sales driven organization, it's important to harness the power of social media influence and apply it to the sales process.

ConferencePlus was pleased to feature an expert on the subject of using social media to drive sales in our recent June, Ask The Expert webinar.

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As a virtual presenter, I am sure you have asked yourself the same question. So how do you engage your virtual audience?

Roger Courville gave us a great answer to this question during our April Ask The Expert Webinar. What you're about to read will lend credibility and engagement to your next presentation and help you to execute a brilliant online event.

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I was on LinkedIn the other day, perusing the "Answers" section when I stumbled upon a question posed from a longstanding marketer. It was, "Is there a difference between webinars, web conferences and webcasts, and if yes, what are the main differentiators." Great question, a lot of people interchange the three and they shouldn't, they are very separate entities.


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