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Share Portal™ Content Management Services

Share Portal is a secure, easy to use web-based content management and publishing tool for sharing your recorded conferences and related files.


  • Easy access from your Account Dashboard.
  • Store and manage all your audio recordings in one place.
  • Store and manage Microsoft® Office Live Meeting and WebEx™ web conference archives.
  • Upload and store your own related files.
  • Publish recordings, web archives and related files to secure web pages.
  • Control access with group members you specify.

Easy and Secure Content Management

Share Portal begins with storing your conference content in your private Content Library - Share Portal's central storage centre. Your recorded Microsoft Office Live Meeting and WebEx conferences will automatically be stored in your Content Library. Additionally, you will have the ability to upload your own files.

Now it's time to publish your stored conferences and files to secure web pages known as Portal Pages. Our easy-to-use publishing wizard will guide you through the process of moving content from your Library to your Portal Pages.

Once you've published, you're ready to share. Upon completion of the wizard, you'll receive an email with access information for your newly created Portal Pages. You now have complete control to share your conference content with the group of users of your choice.

Security White Paper

For a detailed white paper describing Share Portal's security, please click here.