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Managed Audio Bridge Service

ConferencePlus' Managed Audio Bridge Service is an enterprise-wide audio conferencing solution for bridge installations over 500 ports that connect to your existing VoIP or TDM networks. Your organisation will gain significant optimisation and security benefits by having your own audio bridge equipment installed on-site. You also benefit by having your bridge managed by ConferencePlus' support team while receiving multiple integration options.

Total Solution

Large conferencing customers traditionally receive their conferencing services from either a Conference Service Provider (CSP) like ConferencePlus, or through purchasing and managing their own conference bridge. ConferencePlus' Managed Audio Bridge Service provides a 'best of both worlds' solution for large enterprises who want their own on-site bridging equipment without the issues of self installation and management. With over 21 years of expertise in this area, ConferencePlus can eliminate these issues for a customer while offering a full portfolio of additional conferencing services and options.

Integration Options

All installations are available with the full integration of Microsoft® Office Live Meeting, WebEx™ Meeting Center and IBM® LotusLive™ Meeting. These integrations include provisioning, audio control, roster integration and automatic archive management. Customers also have access to their own fully branded Account Dashboard web portal. This Dashboard allows end users, Executive Administrators and Site Administrators full control over their subscriptions, scheduled conferences, usage summary and archives. Single Sign On (SSO) integration with the customers' IT infrastructure further simplifies deployment and improves adoption.


ConferencePlus Managed Audio Bridge Service can typically be purchased for less than the total cost of ownership of a purchased bridge. ConferencePlus provides all project management and installation services as part of the package with no required up-front installation costs.

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