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Make the most of any conference call. We can help you plan for your conference, confirm attendance, record and publish content, and much more. We offer a wide range of enhancements that surround your conference experience with services that can help you get more mileage from important events.

EnhancementsPlus Services

Pre-Conference Services - Maximize effectiveness and participation in your meeting.
  • Confirmation services - Make sure that all who should be attending the conference have it marked on their calendar. Choose from easy to use email or fax delivery options.
  • Security List - Provide us with a list that indicates the names of the participants who are allowed to take part on a given conference call.
  • Billing Code Capture - Capture a customer-specified code at the time a conference is scheduled, to enable bill-back of the conferencing costs to each participant, applied to the customer's invoice. Billing-back is undertaken by the customer.
Post-Conference Services - Extend the shelf life of your conference. Record your conference and let us edit and archive it for you on the media of your choice.
  • Conference Recording - Digitally record your audio conference call on DTP, MP3, CD, WAV, or cassette tape. For video services, customers may receive a VHS or DVD recording of the meeting.
  • Conference Playback - Make your recorded conference or branded message available with toll or toll free telephone number that will enable many callers to simultaneously listen, and if desired, respond to your recorded questions. This service includes forward, rewind and pause features.
  • Transcription services - Memorialize the content of key conferences and events. Our transcription services provide a written record of the content of an entire conference via paper or electronically on a disk. Customers may request additional copies.
  • Translation services - Share a transcript of a conference dialog with business partners and colleagues from around the world. We can transcribe post-call written translations in over 60 languages and dialects, which account for over 97% of all customer requests.
  • Participant Lists - Obtain a list of attendees who participated on a given call. Each participant location can provide up to three items of information (name, phone number, business, title, as examples) on a per line basis.

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