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EnhancementsPlus Add-Ons

ConferencePlus add-on features provide you with options to improve the quality of each conference call experience in order to maximize the impact of your meeting.

Add-ons include:

  • Roll Call is provided by the conference manager who will verify each participant's presence in the conference and perform a final check on the sound quality of the call. The roll call feature is only available with ConferenceManager and ConferenceAssistant service.
  • Communications Line enables the conference manager to speak privately with the arranger during the call to provide updates as specified by the host. Examples of such updates would be the status of call participants, who is in queue and what polling trends may be.
  • Broadcast Mode (Listen Only) is used in presentations when the participants are to listen to important information that is being disseminated. A single line or a group of lines may be placed into the broadcast mode.
  • Polling enables the host to ask a series of questions to the participants. The host may pose questions with up to nine possible responses.
  • Queuing allows conference participants to line up to ask a question using their touch-tone phones. Conference participants are individually placed in queue and announced to the chairperson by the operator for Q&A sessions.
  • Sub-conferencing allows two or more parties to hold a private discussion while the conference call is in progress. Sub-conferencing participants may leave and rejoin the conference call as often as they wish, with operator assistance.

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