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Training & Education Conferencing Services

Our conferencing services are ideal for extending education beyond the classroom and allowing you to leverage expertise across your organisation. By creating classrooms without walls, you can reduce the amount of time that students and teachers spend out of the office or traveling to a classroom site. With our conference services, your customers and employees will have the flexibility to participate in coursework from around the globe. Many training and education professionals are doing more by combining audio and web conferencing to reach their audience. Whether you're hosting a "webinar" or providing remote access to a live demonstration, you can use powerful conferencing features to help you create a learning environment without boundaries. We offer a unique combination of conferencing services that provide you with the maximum in flexibility and control.

ConferencePlus enables you to:
  • Present visual and text concepts from any file type.
  • Invite audience interaction and collaboration.
  • Use an electronic whiteboard for idea generation.
  • Archive the session for later review.
  • Receive detailed reports so you can monitor attendance.
Our conferencing features give you a variety of controls including:
  • Advanced registration of participants.
  • Question and answer sessions for increased interaction.
  • Polling to solicit feedback from students.