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ConferencePlus® Mobile Connect I Mobile Audio Conferencing

ConferencePlus brings you Mobile Connect, a free mobile conferencing application that allows you to moderate and connect to your Conference Anytime™ audio conferences from your iPhone. This express conferencing application gives you quick and easy access to host your audio conferencing calls.

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Benefits of Mobile Audio Conferencing

  • Access to moderator tool gives host complete control of the call with full dial-out capabilities to contact international participants with Global Instant Connect, or dial-out and connect instantly with anyone in your address book.
  • Store all order information (passcodes, order id, sites, dial-in numbers etc.) in an unlimited number of conference profiles.
  • 24x7 access to audio conferencing.
  • Full customer service support by pressing *0 at anytime to reach an operator.
  • Manage your account with our intuitive and easy-to-use conference management tool, My Account Dashboard.

Mobile Audio Conferencing: Additional Features and Options

  • Login with either your existing arranger or host login.
  • View host information including name, phone number and email.
  • Host or participant dial-out to an entered number.
  • See all participants in a conference, and get a total participant count.
  • Mute or hang up individual lines.
  • Playback name recording, or edit the name associated with each line.

Mobile Connect Support

For custom support and access to FAQ's regarding Mobile Connect, please visit our Mobile Connect Support page.