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Conference Assistant™ Video Conferencing Services

Conference Assistant™ gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax while we set your video conference in motion for you. Our video conference technicians (VCTs) will connect each endpoint for your convenience, providing the personal touch of welcoming each location individually. Your conference will then be opened with a roll call and a branded announcement. With Conference Assistant, you invite the participants, we'll do the rest.

Benefits of Conference Assistant

This service is ideal for important calls within your organisation or with top clients and prospects. The VCT's presence at the beginning of the call includes more than just an opportunity to greet endpoints; the VCT will also periodically monitor your bridge connections to ensure your video conference runs smoothly.

Conference Assistant:
  • Provides each location a "meet and greet".
  • Introduces the start of the meeting.
  • Performs a roll call for all endpoints.
  • Personalises the conference call, creating a special event.
  • Makes you look good!

Network Support

ConferencePlus video conferencing services support both ISDN and/or an IP networks. Additionally, ConferencePlus, with its 100% digital switching network, has the ability to handle hybrid calls where some sites have ISDN connectivity while others have IP connectivity.

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