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Video Conference Bridging Services

When you are looking for video bridging but don't want to host video bridging infrastructure in your own network, use our video bridging services, online scheduling capabilities, and world-class service delivery. Plus by using a hosted service, you only pay for what you need at the time you need it!

ConferencePlus provides video conferencing bridging services for anyone with standards based video conferencing equipment. We provide conference scheduling, bridge reservations, and dial-in or dial-out video conference connections. Our three levels of video conferencing bridging services include: Conference Manager, Conference Assistant, and Conference Basic.


Video Conference Manager: Conference Manager includes all the services of Conference Assistant plus a coordinator will provide full time monitoring of the video conference, making them immediately available to manage any requests or special instructions from the meeting.

Video Conference Assistant Conference Assistant offers the same dial-in, dial-out, and conference launch of Basic service, plus the coordinator will perform a "meet and greet" with each location and starts the meeting with a roll call and customised announcement.

Video Conference Basic Your conference coordinator will either dial-out to or receive calls from each participating location. The coordinator will then verify the locations' connections to the MCU and launch the conference.


CLICK HERE for a detailed list of Video Conferencing features.

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