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Video Conferencing Features

At ConferencePlus, you decide the format of your video conference. Whether it is voice activated switching with shared data or lecture mode audio with add-on participants, we provide you with all the features you need to make your video conference just right.


Voice Activated Switching: In this mode, all participants see the video image of the current speaker. The speaker sees the video image of the previous speaker. When a new speaker begins talking, the video switches to the new speaker.

Continuous Presence: Continuous presence creates a picture consisting of the video from multiple sites participating in the conference. This feature allows participants to see up to 9 sites at one time.

Gateway Service:Enables endpoints with varying networks and audio & video formats to communicate in the same conference whether you're using new HD endpoints or legacy equipment, or Private or Public networks.

Lecture Mode: In this mode, one location's video, audio and data are viewed by all the other endpoints. The lecturer views the other locations one after another for a fixed duration of time. (This feature is not available with the Conference Basic bridging option.)

Presentation Viewing: Presentation Viewing allows the speaker to share a presentation with the other endpoints. (Note: Not all endpoint equipment supports this feature. Please check with your equipment manufacturer to determine your videoconferencing equipments capabilities.)

Site Certification: A conference coordinator will conduct an endpoint equipment certification in advance of the actual conference to ensure connectivity and perform quality checks.

Training: Video conferencing training, coordination and support services include working with your key personnel to determine appropriate training requirements, identifying target audiences, and setting training schedules. Custom video training initiatives can be developed for an additional fee.

Video Help Desk: The Help Desk will provide users with telephone assistance for their video conferencing. Help Desk services include assistance with the call launch process, reservations, and bridge related issues.

Optional Features
  • Audio Add-on: Audio Add-on allows participants to join the audio portion of a video conference using their phone.
  • Recording Services: A DVD or Media File (.wmv) recording of a conference can be made for later viewing. (This feature is not available with the Conference Basic bridging option.)
  • Customised Branding: ConferencePlus can provide a branded video reservations line. This service is also available for the Account Dashboard.

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