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Conference Manager™ Video Conferencing Services

Conference Manager™ gives you continuous support for your most important, highly visible video conferences. Experienced Video Conferencing Technicians (VCTs) actively manage the conference to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Benefits of Conference Manager:

Much like the way your office manager keeps things running smoothly by tending to all of the administrative necessities, our Conference Manager performs this same function for your video conference, enabling you to concentrate on the content and the flow of the meeting, without having to worry about any of the details.

Conference Manager:
  • Enables your highly visible, all-important conferences to run smoothly.
  • Allows you to get the most out of your meeting by tending to all of the technical details inherent with videoconferencing.
  • Provides an "insurance policy," knowing the operator is always available to assist in remedying any unforeseen issues.

Network Support

ConferencePlus video conferencing services can support either ISDN or IP networks. Additionally, our 100% digital switching network has the ability to handle hybrid calls where some sites have ISDN connectivity while others have IP connectivity.

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