iLinc | Web Conferencing Services

Receive specialised toolsets for online meetings, conferences, distance learning, and customer support functions.

iLinc is designed to serve the broad range of Web conferencing needs across an organisation. The unique iLinc technology allows you to configure the iLinc interface according to users' real-world practices. Choosing from a broad set of features and functions, you determine which tools appear to which user types.

The iLinc feature set includes:

  • Application viewing enables the presenter to show documents, spreadsheets and applications with the audience.
  • Electronic hand raising, feedback, and Q&As provide multiple interactive options to make your meeting as productive as possible.
  • Floor control to anyone in the session, designate multiple desktops as a hosts / web conference leaders.
  • Interactive whiteboards is the online version of sharing the whiteboard in your conference room.
  • Invitations linked to Microsoft Outlook generate emails to participants from iLinc application.
  • Participation meters inform you as to who joined the meeting and how long they participated.
  • PowerBoard for viewing PowerPoint slides enhances your meeting with online slide presentations.
  • Recording and playback options enable you to attend the meeting at your convenience.
  • Synchronised Web browsing enables you to navigate the Web with your participants.
  • Text chat instant message with host or between participants.
  • Remote Control features enable the host to let others take charge of the meeting. The host can regain control any time he/she wishes.
  • Picture ID for personalisation, add a host or participant photo to your platform.
  • Annotation tools enable you to underline major points being made.
  • SSL Encryption ensures the safety and privacy of information shared during the meeting

View an iLinc datasheet with system requirements:

iLinc Datasheet.

Do you have more questions about iLinc?

Speak to one of our Teleconference Facilitators at +353 (0)1 240 0081 or +44 (0)207 153 0970.

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