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Microsoft® Office Live Meeting | Web Conference

The Microsoft® Office Live Meeting services offered by ConferencePlus enable you to choose the product bundle that best suits your purpose or select a meeting venue based on the number of participants in your online meeting.

Service Options

Live Meeting Standard is ideal for those times when a host is providing information to many conference call participants. Live Meeting Professional Service adds additional features designed to support web conference training applications and other online event applications.
  • Provide slide presentations online to enhance your meeting.
  • Annotation tools enable you to underline major points being made.
  • Interactive Whiteboard is just like the whiteboard in your office enabling you to brainstorm ideas.
  • Text slides are much like the parking lot items you create in a face-to-face meeting.
  • Web tours allow you to take your audience to a particular website.
  • Polling features enable you to record the opinions of meeting participants.
  • Application viewing allows you to reveal any application on your desktop for viewing with participants. (e.g. specialised software, electronic documents or financial spreadsheets)
  • Shared Notes allows you to take advantage of the new always-on shared notes pane.
  • Recording options enable you to attend the meeting at your convenience.
  • Rich Media Presentations allows you to incorporate media displayed in Windows Media Player and Adobe Flash movie clips into meetings and training sessions.
  • Live Webcam Video allows you to show live webcam video of meeting participants alongside their presentation.
  • Integrated Media Experience allows for a new user interface which brings together live and recorded video, chat, slide and application sharing, and audience feedback tools.
  • Handout Distribution allows you to scan handouts with Microsoft Forefront and distribute them before and during meetings in their native file format.
  • Live Meeting with Integrated Audio Conferencing that now includes the "Call Connect" feature which enables the display of all audio conference participants in the Live Meeting console when used with your Conference Anytime service.
Professional: all of the features associated with Standard and the following additional features.
  • Remote Control features enable the host to let others take charge of the meeting. The host can regain control any time he/she wishes.
  • Shared Recordings make it easy to record your meeting with synchronised web conference content
  • Event and Class Registration*
  • Public Events Pages*
  • Advanced Testing and Grading*
  • Virtual Breakout Rooms*

*These features are available with a customer microsite.

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