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Web Console (Web Access) Issue with Java 6 Update 19

Our ConferencePlus Web Tech Team has discovered the following issue: Customers who use the Live Meeting web console (Web Access) instead of downloading the Live Meeting Client Application, will experience issues if they are using the Java 6 update 19 or higher. When this next-generation Java Plug-in is enabled in the Java console, the web console will freeze on a white screen

To resolve this issue, users have two options:

Method 1: Install the Live Meeting 2007 Client Live Meeting 2007 Client (Windows OS only) Client Download

Method 2: Disable the next-generation Java Plug-in
  • Users will need to click on Start-->Control Panel-->Java-->Advanced Tab. On the Advanced Tab expand the Java Plug-in option and uncheck the box next to "Enable the Next-generation Java Plug-in" and click Apply. (Navigation may vary depending on Operating System)
To test your system, please use the following links:

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