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IBM Unyte Meeting | Web Conference

The IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Unyte™ Meeting Web Conference service offered by ConferencePlus enables you to share presentations, documents, web content and applications online in real time.

Service Features:

  • Application viewing enables the presenter to show documents, spreadsheets and applications with the audience.
  • Multiple Presenters/Control Passing can designate multiple desktops as a host / web conference leader.
  • Roster with Controls captures participant information and monitors their presence as they join or leave the meeting.
  • Hand Raising enables participants to "raise their hands" in response to a question or to get the attention of the host; this tool can also be used to tally "raised hands".
  • Smart Scrolling synchronises the participant's view of a document with the presenter's view.
  • Pointer highlights key presentation points on slides or in documents.
  • Annotation enables the presenter to use a marker tool to illustrate key points.
  • Full Screen enlarges the presentation to the full size of the application window.
  • Chat (host or participant initiated) with individuals, send broadcast messages, or designate an individual participant or a group to conduct Q&A sessions.
  • Optimised Slide Presentations uses the computer's memory to store (or cache) slides to improve performance on slower connections, and automatically displays fixed dimension slides when slow connections are detected.
  • SSL Encryption ensures the safety and privacy of information shared during the meeting.
  • Firewall Conformance ensures that web services will work through corporate firewalls and proxy servers.
  • Web Surf host-guided web tours during the course of the web conference.

System Requirements:

Learn more about Unyte Meeting's system requirements.

System Downloads:

Unyte Conferencing Add-On (Windows OS with IE or Firefox) - Download Add-On.

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