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Cisco WebEx™ | Web Conference

ConferencePlus offers all WebEx services including Meeting Center, Training Center, and Event Center. These services enable you to share presentations, documents, web content and applications online in real time.

Service Features

  • Document Viewing allows you to reveal any document from your desktop for viewing with participants.
  • Annotation tools enable you to underline major points being made.
  • Whiteboarding is the online version of sharing the whiteboard in your conference room.
  • Text slides are much like the parking lot items you create in a face-to-face meeting.
  • Web tours allow you to take your audience to a particular website.
  • Application viewing lets you put up any application and the audience can view (e.g. electronic documents or financial spreadsheets).
  • Polling enables you to record the opinions of meeting participants.
  • Meeting Lists inform you as to who joined the meeting and how long they participated.
  • Recording options enable you to attend the online meeting at your convenience.
  • Remote Control features enable the host to let others take charge of the meeting. Don't worry, the host can regain control any time he/she wishes.

System Requirements:

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System Downloads:

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