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Conferencing Services

Today, many sales professionals are doing more by combining audio and web conferencing. Whether you're hosting a "Webinar" or simply walking a prospect through a sales presentation, you can rely on our easy-to-use conferencing services to help you close the deal!

Why put your next big sale or Webinar at risk when you can use the reliable, easy-to-use services of ConferencePlus. With customer satisfaction ratings over 99%, you know we are delivering high quality services that you can trust. By using our conferencing services, your sales team can easily orchestrate a product demo, host a Webinar, or deliver a one-on-one "solution sale".

Maximising your productivity with remote selling

Conferencing helps you reach out to more prospects - more often and more cost-effectively. By reducing the amount of effort spent coordinating schedules and traveling from meeting to meeting, you can spend more time personalising your sales approach and presenting to the people you need to reach - wherever they are, whenever it is convenient for them.

We have integrated our audio and web conferencing services to simplify the meeting experience. This allows you to get your customers and prospects engaged in a web conference with the simple click of their mouse. So even customers that have never used web conferencing before will find our services are easy-to-use. By providing you and your customers with a "no hassles" experience, you can concentrate on closing the deal, not managing your conference. Our simple goal: provide a positive, "no surprises" conferencing experience that improves your productivity and simplifies your business day.

"I use ConferencePlus' capabilities with my customers every week, and it allows me to be much more productive with my time."

Patrick S.
Global Sales Rep.


"ConferencePlus has helped bridge a gap between us and our customers...With web conferencing, we are able to show them information from our software and even give them a full demonstration of their products"

Joshua C.
Robotics Sales


Our conferencing features

  • Reliable, high-quality audio and web conferencing for any number of participants.
  • Audio and web conferencing operator assistance in real time (*0).
  • Event archiving for future review.
  • Event registration with detailed reporting to capture leads.

Get visual impact and encourage collaboration

  • Present at your pace - control the flow of visuals and slides.
  • Reinforce key points - use annotation tools to emphasise important concepts.
  • Share the control - invite participation while maintaining leadership with remote control features.

Access or present virtually any type of content from within the presentation interface:

  • Sales presentations.
  • Electronic documents and spreadsheets.
  • Web pages and application interfaces.
  • Animated demonstrations and visual concepts manage your most important calls.


audio Plus™

ConferencePlus offers audio services and options designed to help you maximise every meeting opportunity - anywhere, anytime. Because a single audio service is not right for every customer, or every meeting, ConferencePlus offers five different audio conferencing services:

  • Conference Anytime™ - Reservationless Self Service
  • Conference Passcode™ - Reserved Self Service
  • Conference Manager™ - Operator Managed
  • Event Manager - Operator Managed
  • Express Join - Operator Managed

web Plus™

ConferencePlus provides the three industry leading web conferencing applications:

  • WebEx™
  • IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Unyte™ Meeting
  • Microsoft® Office Live Meeting

video Plus™

Video Plus gives you the confidence to utilise the power of video conferencing to put a "face" on participants, more effectively communicate your message, and put you at the table.





ConferencePlus believes that conferencing should not only change the way you do business - it should improve your business processes by increasing productivity and simplifying your business day. We are dedicated to making you and your organisation look good by providing audio, web and video conferencing services that help you maximise every meeting opportunity - anywhere, at any time. Our goal is to ensure that each event is a productive, positive,"no surprises" experience.



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