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Training and Education
Conferencing Services

More and more companies are taking a blended approach to training and education - one that combines conferencing technologies with classroom learning.This approach leverages the best of face-to-face and distance learning, enabling you to provide wider access to more educational services.

With the right conferencing partner, you can increase the educational activities you offer while reducing costs and making more effective use of your customers' and employees' time.

Supporting continuous learning through conferencing

Many training and education professionals are doing more by combining audio and web conferencing, which requires no special equipment - all you need is a telephone and a computer. Whether you're hosting a "Webinar" or providing remote access to a live broadcast, you can use powerful conferencing features to help you create a learning environment without boundaries. We offer a unique combination of audio, web and video conferencing services that provide you with the maximum in flexibility and control.

Conferencing can help you provide greater access to important training and career advancement opportunities - more often and in a more cost effective manner. By reducing the amount of time that students are required to spend out of the office or traveling to a classroom site, you can give your customers and employees the flexibility to participate in coursework wherever they are, whenever it is convenient for them. Just another way that ConferencePlus can help simplify your business day.


ConferencePlus enables you to:

  • Pre-register participants
  • Track participant registration and attendance
  • Invite active audio and visual participation
  • Present visual and text concepts from any file type
  • Receive personalised help when you need it with real time access to helpful operators

ConferencePlus conferencing tools will:

  • Emphasise the points you want to make
  • Create a "parking lot" of ideas to be discussed as the session wraps up
  • Archive the session for later review by students and instructors


Our audio conferencing features give you a variety of controls including:

  • Reliable, high-quality audio for any number of participants.
  • Optional features that will enable you to control the information flow including:
    • Event Manager™ - allows for pre-conference registration and reporting with in-conference management of Q&A, all through your web browser.
    • Question and answer queuing - controls the flow of questions, and identifies who's asking a question so you can personalise your response.
    • Polling - solicit feedback from students.
    • Communication line - talk privately with a conference operator to help manage the unique situations that inevitably arise during live events.

Use the power of web conferencing to create a virtual learning environment

  • Track performance with testing, grading and polling tools.
  • Set up hands on training labs for learners to practice and review before, during and after the training session.
  • Share control - invite participation and student interaction.
  • Access, or present, virtually any type of content:
    • Animated demonstrations, video and sound clips.
    • Electronic documents and spreadsheets.
    • Web pages and application interfaces.
  • Archive your sessions for later viewing.


Related Services

audio Plus™

ConferencePlus offers audio services and options designed to help you maximise every meeting opportunity - anywhere, anytime. Because a single audio service is not right for every customer, or every meeting, ConferencePlus offers five different audio conferencing services:

  • Conference Anytime™ - Reservationless Self Service
  • Conference Passcodeā„¢™ - Reserved Self Service
  • Conference Manager™ - Operator Managed
  • Event Manager™ - Event Management Services
  • Express Join - Automated Conference Entry

web Plus™

ConferencePlus provides the three industry leading web conferencing applications:

  • WebEx™
  • IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Unyte™ Meeting
  • Microsoft® Office Live Meeting

All of our Web Plus services are easily integrated with our Audio Plus and Video Plus services to create highly productive and collaborative meetings.

video Plus™

Video Plus gives you the confidence to utilise the power of video conferencing to put a "face" on participants, more effectively communicate your message, or put you in the classroom.



ConferencePlus believes that conferencing should not only change the way you do business - it should improve your business processes by increasing productivity and simplifying your business day. We are dedicated to making you and your organisation look good by providing audio, web and video conferencing services that help you maximise every meeting opportunity - anywhere, at any time. Our goal is to ensure that each event is a productive, positive,"no surprises" experience.



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