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Video Plus
Video Conferencing Services

Take the mystery and hassle out of video conferencing with Video Plus. Create face-to-face meetings with multiple locations while receiving the highest level of customer support.

What is a video conference?

A video conference is a meeting that utilises dedicated video equipment and monitors to show live full motion video of each location.

Why use video conferencing?

  • Enjoy personalised face-to-face meetings without the need to travel.
  • Optimise time and money resources.
  • Expedite decision making.

Benefits of video conferencing services:

  • Use our Multimedia consultants to execute and ensure the success of your meetings.
  • Insure the quality your video conferencing site with the Site Certification.
  • Brand your video conferences with a customised video reservations line.
  • Use our Room Management service for your room reservations, room availability confirmations and non-video event scheduling.

ConferencePlus Video Plus services

Site certifications ensure service quality for a new conferencing site prior to your initial video conference. ConferencePlus technicians use rigid testing standards to ensure that the endpoint equipment, network and the videoconferencing bridge meet expectations for quality.

Customised video reservations provide you with the ability to brand your video reservations line.

Room management service provides support for room reservations services, room availability confirmation and scheduling for non-video calls.

Gateway Services offers the capability of bridging traditional ISDN (H.320) endpoints along with IP (H.323) endpoints so that multi-point hybrid calls combining the two transport types are easily hosted.

Video Plus add-ons and enhancements

Audio Conferencing add-ons let you connect audio-only equipped sites to your video conference. With an Attended Audio Conferencing add-on a ConferencePlus operator greets the participants and places them into the call. An Unattended Audio Conferencing add-on prompts conference participants to join the conference by entering a passcode.

Customised billing and reports that can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Conference recordings are available via DVD, region free DVD for International use, or Digital Media File.

H.239/People and Content/Duo Video is available for supported systems.

Security encryption of your endpoint connections.

Benefits/Additional Features

  • Invite active audio and visual participation
  • Replay the event to make information accessible to a wider audience
  • Provide audio only access to the conference for attendees only participating via telephone
  • Stream your event over the internet to reach a wider audience


ConferencePlus believes that conferencing should not only change the way you do business - it should improve your business processes by increasing productivity and simplifying your business day. We are dedicated to making you and your organisation look good by providing audio, web and video conferencing services that help you maximise every meeting opportunity - anywhere, at any time. Our goal is to ensure that each event is a productive, positive,"no surprises" experience.



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