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Web Plus
Web Conferencing Services

Impact your audience visually with Web Plus™, our fully-integrated web conferencing service.

What is a web conference?

A web conference is a virtual meeting you conduct online, that allows you to share applications and documents from your computer with locations around the world.

When do you use a web conference?

  • Formal presentation to an audience of hundreds.
  • Brain-storming with a tight-knit group of colleagues.
  • Sales presentations and software demonstrations.
  • Human resource broadcasts and training.

What web conferencing options does ConferencePlus offer?

Utilise industry leading web conferencing applications with our Web Plus partners. Choose the web conferencing service that meets the specific needs of your next presentation.

  • Microsoft® Office Live Meeting
  • WebEx™
  • IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Unyte™ Meeting


With the right combination of features and enhancements you can:

  • Invite active audio and visual participation
  • Present visual and text concepts from any file type
  • Use meeting controls to navigate the conference flow
  • Emphasise the points you want to make
  • Create a "parking lot" of ideas
  • Replay the event to make information accessible to a wider audience

IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Unyte™ Meeting

Unyte™ Meeting allows the host to show any document on their computer to their audience such as a PowerPoint presentation. Unyte Meeting offers meeting collaboration and real time document sharing and editing. The intuitive user interface is easy to use and control.

Microsoft® Office Live Meeting

Live Meeting Standard provides presentation and annotation tools for underscoring major topics and whiteboarding ideas. Additionally, you can present websites and applications. Live Meeting Professional offers recording options and remote control features that let participants temporarily take charge of the meeting.

WebEx™ Services

ConferencePlus offers the complete suite of WebEx services including Meeting Center, Event Center, Training Center, and Support Center. The WebEx suite has been developed to provide services to meet all of your web conferencing needs.

Audio and Video Webcasting

ConferencePlus offers audio and video webcasting services that allow you to reach a wide audience in the most economical way. Webcasting allows you to "stream" real-time audio and video along with your presentation materials to your audience via the internet.



ConferencePlus believes that conferencing should not only change the way you do business - it should improve your business processes by increasing productivity and simplifying your business day. We are dedicated to making you and your organisation look good by providing audio, web and video conferencing services that help you maximise every meeting opportunity - anywhere, at any time. Our goal is to ensure that each event is a productive, positive,"no surprises" experience.



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