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FAQs: Conference Call Support & Trouble Shooting

Q: What kind of support do you provide during my conference calls?
A: ConferencePlus operators are there to help you at any time. Continuous monitoring is available upon request - the operator will actually listen to the audio quality and take verbal cues from the host. The ConferenceManager (operator) can be prominent in the meeting or can remain in the background.

Q: How can I get help while on a conference call?
A: Operator assistance is available at all times during all conferences by pressing "*0" on your touch tone telephone.

Q: Occasionally, a cell phone or speakerphone from one of my sites causes extreme static on my conference call. How can I eliminate the static and continue with my call?
A: There is no need to be concerned. Our operators are standing by to assist you. Simply press "*0" on your touch tone telephone to access an operator. The operator can determine the exact line causing the disturbance, and, depending upon the host's request, may either mute or disconnect the line. ConferenceAnytime and ConferencePasscode participants can mute their own line with the touch-tone commands.


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