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FAQs: Conference Services

Q: What is Sub-Conferencing?
A: Moderator can request the operator to place two or more participants into a separate conference. When instructed, the operator will return everyone to the original conference.

Q: Do you offer Transcription services?
A: Yes. ConferencePlus can provide you with a text copy of your conference in CD format. The usual turn around time is 48-hours but orders can be expedited for a nominal fee.

Q: What type of operator assistance is available during a call?
A: Available operator assistance options range from Conference Manager service, providing continuous monitoring whereby the operator will actually listen to the audio quality and take verbal cues from the host, to operator support for "*0" requests on ConferenceAnytime and ConferencePasscode conferences. The operator can be very prominent in the meeting or can remain in the background to assist when needed. Typically, full-time operator assistance is requested from customers that use our queuing or polling services where full-time operator assistance is necessary for a smooth-flowing call.

Q: What is Full Time Monitoring?
A: A Conference Manager service in which an operator will direct their full attention to monitoring your conference.

Q: How can I reduce the amount of background noise on my large call?
A: Listen Only mode allows only the specified speaker(s) to talk. This feature is an excellent way to eliminate disruptive background noise during presentations. It can also be helpful for speakers who are not actively speaking to mute their phone.

Q: Can I get a list of the people on my calls?
A: Yes, a Participant List can be e-mailed to you listing all conference attendees. call.

Q: How can I control attendance on my call?
A: To control attendance, you may send us a Security List of attendees.

Q: Can I get a report showing the cost of my call?
A: Yes. A Time and Charges Report provides a list of participants including the conference start times and duration. Time and charges estimates do not include taxes.


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