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FAQs: Mobile Connect Audio Conferencing

Q: How do I start a conference call as a host on my iPhone?
  1. Select the ConferencePlus Mobile Connect App on your iPhone.
  2. Enter your Log In and Password, then select "Submit".
  3. Select the name of the Host from the Host list.
  4. Select the name/confirmation number of the Conference Anytime order you would like to use from the Order list.
  5. Once your Participant window appears, you will need to join the conference as the host. As with your web-based View Plus tool, you will need to dial out to yourself (or "call host"). To do this, first select the "+" in the upper right-hand corner of the Participant window.
  6. Select the "Me" button when the pop-up appears in the bottom of the window asking "Who would you like to call?".
  7. Enter your name and your iPhone number. (Note - this information will be saved and you will not have to enter again for your next call.)
  8. Select "Dial" in the upper right-hand corner.
  9. A call will then be placed to your iPhone. Due to the iPhone limitation that only one App can be opened at a time, your ConferencePlus Mobile Connect App will be closed by your iPhone when the call is received. When you receive the call, select answer.
  10. You will now need to return to your ConferencePlus Mobile Connect App. Press the iPhone Home button on the bottom of your iPhone to minimise your received call. Then select the ConferencePlus Mobile Connect App and the Participant window of your call will reopen.

Q: What happens when I select one of the participants in the Participant window?
A: If you select a participant, an action sheet of participant level actions will appear within the App. Then for that participant, you have the capability to hangup, mute/unmute and play name.

Q: What happens when I select the blue arrow to the right of a host or order?
A: If you select the blue arrow to the right of the host or order, additional details will be displayed about that particular host or order. For example, if you press the blue button next to an order it shows the dial in number, passcode, moderator code and alternate dial in numbers.

Q: What happens when I select a host from the Host list?
A: If you select a host from the Host list, you will open an Order list containing all of the Conference Anytime orders/subscriptions for that particular host.

Q: What happens when I select an order from the Order list?
A: If you select an order from the Order list, you will open the Participant list for that particular Conference Anytime order/subscription.

Q: What happens when I select the Question icon?
A: If you select the Question icon within the menu bar at the bottom of the App, an operator will be prompted to join your conference call and assist you with any questions. In addition, you can always press *0 to be connected to an operator as well.

Q: Why do I need to select the "+" button in order to dial out to myself?
A: The "+" button is the standard design and functionality Apple uses for their applications. For instance, you would use the + symbol to add a contact in the Contacts application, to add a favorite in the Phone application, to add an appointment in the Calendar or to add a recipient in the Mail application.

Q: Can I edit my details?
A: At this time, editing details is not allowed with the exception of the line name in the participant screen.

Q: Can I launch a call through my land line phone but use the moderator tool through my iPhone to manage the call?
A: Yes you can dial into your conference call using your landline and then moderate the conference call using the Mobile Connect application.


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