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FAQs: Support for Large Calls - Conference Manager

Q: How many sites can be included in my investor relations calls?
A: Our operations centre routinely services customer's calls with over 1,000 sites participating, although larger calls can easily be accommodated. Also, phone and web playback of your call can be arranged to reach a wider audience.

Q: If there is more than one speaker at different locations, how do they get connected so they can both speak before the conference call begins?
A: The speakers' names are placed into the reservation so that the Conference Manager (operator) can place them in a pre-conference prior to start time. The speakers' lines will be set up so they can communicate to each other or to the Conference Manager, prior to start of the call.

Q: When will I receive the participant list, polling results and the tape?
A: The participant list and polling results are sent out within 24 hours of the conclusion of the conference. If a cassette or CD is requested, they are mailed the same day. Customers can request overnight delivery.

Q: What is a Communications Line (Com Line) used for in an investor relations call?
A: Upon request, the Conference Manager can establish a communications line between the arranger and the manager to facilitate real time communications. This allows the arranger the ability to give and receive instant updates during the conference.

Q: What is Polling?
A: Electronic Polling relates to the activity in which an operator or host poses a series of questions requiring participants to respond during the conference call itself. The questions are typically in a "yes or no" / "multiple choice" format. Participants respond by pressing the appropriate digit on their touch-tone telephone. Results of the voting can be tabulated and distributed to the host while the call is in progress.

Q: Do you offer Queuing (Q&A)?
A: Yes. Upon the Conference Manager's instruction, participants may signal that they have a question by pressing "*1" on their touch-tone telephone. The manager then calls on each participant by name. The questions are queued in the order they are received. Once the party has completed his/her question, the next participant is escorted into the meeting. At any point in time, there will only be one person asking a question.


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