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Conferencing Glossary and ConferencePlus Product Library


Annotation - enables the presenter to use a marker tool to illustrate key points during a web conference.

Application Sharing - Application sharing is a feature that allows two or more people to view and/or work together on the same application from one remote system. Users can input information and control the application using the keyboard and mouse. The user who initiated the application can lock out other users from altering the document so that the feature becomes more of a live demonstration tool.

Application Viewing - enables the presenter to show documents, spreadsheets and applications with the audience.

Audio Bridge - Equipment that mixes multiple audio inputs and feeds back composite audio to each station after removing the individual station's input. This equipment may also be called a mix-minus audio system.

Browser - Also called a Web Browser. A program used to access the text, graphic, audio, video and animation elements of the Internet and Intranets. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are the most commonly used browsers.

Browser-based Application - Application that does not require software to install.

Call Lock - This feature allows the host to lock the conference so that no other participants join.

Chat (host or participant initiated) - Chat with individuals, send broadcast messages, or designate an individual participant or a group to conduct Q&A sessions.

Collaboration - The simultaneous viewing and modification of a shared document or computer application. Also referred to as document conferencing.

Collaborative Learning - Learning through the exchange and sharing of information and opinions among a peer group. Computers excel in mediating collaborative learning for geographically dispersed groups.

Conference Continuation - Conference Continuation allows a conference to continue after the host has disconnected. This is the ConferenceAnytime default setting.

Conference Quickstart - Conference Quickstart allows a host to turn off Music on Hold so participants may start the conference prior to the host joining.

Conference Record - Through a DTMF command, a host may record a ConferenceAnytime meeting for later playback. The recording will remain archived for two weeks or until another ConferenceAnytime meeting is recorded on that particular subscription.

CPE - Customer Premise Equipment. Terminal equipment located on the customer premises which connects to the telephone network.

Distance Learning - Incorporation of audio and web technologies so that students can "attend" classes and training sessions presented at a remote location.

Document Sharing - A web conferencing feature that enables multiple participants to view and edit the same computer document.

DTMF or Dual Tine Multi-Frequency Signals - Also called touch-tone dialing. The tones that are heard when you press the buttons on a touch-tone telephone.

E-Conferencing - E-conferencing refers to innovative technologies that allow people to communicate or "conference" over the Internet. Audio conferencing, web conferencing, and collaborative conferencing, are all components of e-conferencing.

E-Learning - Broad definition of the field of using technology to deliver learning and training programs. Typically used to describe media such as CD-ROM, Internet, Intranet, wireless and mobile learning.

Email Meeting Summary - Choose to receive a summary of the meeting (e.g., duration, participants) via email after the conference has concluded.

Entry and Exit Options - A distinctive tone will sound as a participant either enter or exits the conference. The host may also elect to have participants enter the conference by name announcement or silence.

Firewall Conformance - Ensures that web services will work through corporate firewalls and proxy servers.

Full Screen - Enlarge the presentation to the full size of the application window.

Hand Raising - Enables participants to "raise their hands" in response to a question or to get the attention of the host; this tool can also be used to tally "raised hands".

Host Dial-out - Instant connect allows a host to dial-out from the conference to bring in an expert, other participants, or initiate a meeting "on the fly". InstantConnect may be launched using View Plus.

Host Disconnect - When the host exits a conference, all participants are disconnected.

Lecture Mode - The host may choose to mute all participants, placing them in a listen only mode.

Listen-Only Mode - Allows participants to listen, without having the ability to speak to others during an Audio conference. This feature is often used with larger conferences to eliminate background noise. This mode is controlled by the host/moderator.

Log-in - Procedure performed by a user to declare that a specific system or application is going to be used. Log-in information is used by the computer to mark and track information specific to the user.

Moderator - The person facilitating the conference or event. The moderator can be the person leading or hosting the event, however it is usually most productive if the moderator is a person other than the primary speaker.

Multiple Presenters/Control Passing - Multiple desktops can be designated as a host / web conference leader.

Music on Hold - Music on hold prevents participants from joining a conference prior to the host. This prevents unauthorised use of ConferenceAnytime or a meeting from beginning without the host. Music on Hold is the ConferenceAnytime default setting.

Muting Options - Hosts and participants may choose to mute/unmute their own line using a DTMF command from their phone. Alternatively, the host may selectively mute/unmute lines through View Plus.

Name Record - Name record allows the host to select between three entrance and exit options: Name Announce, Tones, or Silence. Name record captures each participant's name before they enter into the conference. This is to be used either during roll call or upon entry or exit.

Operator Assistance - Any participant may request operator assistance during a conference by pressing *0 on the touchtone phone.

Optimised Slide Presentations - Uses the computer's memory to store (or cache) slides to improve performance on slower connections, and automatically displays fixed dimension slides when slow connections are detected.

Participant Count - This feature provides the host or participants with the number of sites connected to the call.

Participant Disconnect - Through View Plus, a host may disconnect individual participants from the conference.

Pointer - Highlights key presentation points on slides or in documents.

Roll Call - This feature allows a host to play a roll call of the participants in the conference. Name record must be enabled to utilise this feature.

Roster with Controls - Capture participant information and monitor their presence as they join or leave the meeting.

Smart Scrolling - Synchronises the participant's view of a document with the presenter's view.

SSL Encryption - Ensures the safety and privacy of information shared during the meeting.

Web Conferencing - A term that describes the industry forming around the creation of virtual events. This industry is a convergence of technology developed to provide cost-effective interactive communication channels for individuals and businesses.

Webcast - A presentation in which a live event is recorded and streamed over the Internet, or archived for viewing at a later time.

Web Surf - Host-guided web tours during the course of the web conference.

White Boarding - A term used to describe the placement of shared documents on an on-screen whiteboard. Desktop videoconferencing software includes "snapshot" tools that enable one to capture entire windows or portions of windows and place them on the whiteboard. A user can also use familiar Windows operations (cut and paste) to put snapshots on the whiteboard. One works with familiar tools to mark up the electronic whiteboard similar to a traditional wall-mounted board.

Whiteboard - A term used to describe the placement of shared documents on an on-screen "shared notebook". See also Document Sharing.


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