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Conferencing Tips and Tutorials

ConferencePlus' integrated audio and web conferencing is a powerful tool enabling you to maximize your effectiveness when presenting information to an audience of hundreds or holding a collaborative meeting with your work team.

While web conferencing is easy to use, its tools are new to many of you. We would therefore like to invite you to visit the following links for self-paced tutorials that will familiarize you with our services.

Available Tutorials


Tips For a Successful Audio Conference

  • For an efficient and effective meeting, plan ahead. In the conference notification, inform participants of the purpose, agenda and time limit for your meeting. During the meeting, encourage participants to stick to your agenda and time limit!
  • Forward the Audience Invitation to each individual invited to attend for quick entry into the meeting.
  • Dial in to your conference at least 5 to 10 minutes before the start time to be ready for your meeting. For ConferenceManager calls, you can use this time to review the conference details with the operator.
  • Distribute any documents ahead of time, or better yet, plan a web conference for sharing documents and applications.
  • If a speakerphone is used, high quality equipment contributes to the success of the conference.
  • It can be helpful for participants and speakers who are not actively speaking to mute their phone in order to eliminate background noise.
  • Position the speakerphone so that all participants sharing the room can be heard. If a headset is used, ensure the mouthpiece is adjusted correctly.
  • Start the conference with a roll call to confirm attendance and inform all participants of who is on the conference.
  • Operator assistance is always available by pressing *0 on your touch-tone phone.
  • Participants should identify themselves when speaking. When asking questions, address individuals by name to avoid confusion.
  • Host and participants should avoid placing the conference call on hold if their phone system plays music on hold - the music will be played across the conference call. Use the mute key instead.
  • Try to avoid extraneous noise (side discussions, paper shuffling) that may interfere with participant's ability to hear during the conference.


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