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Video Conferencing Troubleshooting Tips

Symptom: Unable to hear participants

  • Have the far-end unmute.
  • Increase the volume using the Video equipment (Polycom/Tandberg) remote control
  • Increase the volume on the monitor. Volume level on the monitor should be at the half way point and the video system remote should be used to control volume levels.
  • Move microphone closer to the person speaking.
  • Check the microphone connections.

Symptom: Echo over conference

  • If your location hears the echo, then one of the other locations will be the cause of the echo.
  • Ensure that the microphones are at least 36 inches away from the incoming audio source.
  • If your location has multiple microphones, please mute the ones that are not being used.
  • Have participants check the volume levels and turn down if needed.
  • Have participants mute microphone when not speaking.

Symptom: The monitor is blank.

  • Power on the monitor.
  • Verify correct AV input is selected.
  • Reboot video system and watch to see if system welcome screen comes on the screen, if not you may need to check the AV cables.

Symptom: Blue image on monitor.

  • A blue screen typically indicates that an alternate camera source has been selected such as a dvd player or document camera which is not available or not powered on.
  • If the blue screen is on the local or near-end verify that the correct local camera source has been selected.
  • If the blue screen is being sent by the far-end participants room have them verify that the correct camera source has been selected.

Symptom: Frozen / Still Image

  • Press the camera button on video system remote and select the primary camera as source.

Symptom: Poor picture quality.

  • Have participants press the zoom button on the video system remote to focus on the person(s) speaking.
  • If image is washed out please adjust room lighting and verify that all window coverings have been adjusted accordingly. Sunlight tends to overpower room lighting.

Symptom: Picture in Picture-PIP

  • Press PIP button on video system remote to display PIP window. If PIP window does not appear please verify that the PIP option has been enabled in the video system menu.


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