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Make the most of your next corporate conference call. Plan your conference, confirm attendance, record and publish content, and much more.

Our knowledgeable staff supports you with consultative advice for all of our service options. Whether you're looking to maximise attendance with an aggressive outbound campaign or simply publish, transcribe or translate content, we have you covered. ConferencePlus offers several enhanced conferencing options in addition to event management, content management and managed bridge services

Event Management Services

Event Manager - We can assist you every step of the way for your next event with a full range of event registration, management and reporting options.

Content Management Services

Share Portal - Our online content management tool can extend the life of your conferences and related files with an easy and secure way to store, publish and share.

Managed Audio Bridge Service

Managed Audio Bridge Service - Have audio bridging equipment installed on your site by experts and then receive full access to ConferencePlus' support team and online tools with this enterprise solution.

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