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Online Management Tools

ConferencePlus helps you take control of your conference calls with our user-friendly online management tools. Managing conferencing accounts, moderating your conference calls and sharing content online are now easier than ever. If you would like more details on any of our online tools or would like to request a demo, please contact us at +44 (0)207 153 0970 and a knowledgeable representative will be happy to assist you.

Account Dashboard | Online Account Management

Account Dashboard puts you in charge of your account by providing you with innovative online tools that help simplify the management of your audio and web conferences. Manage multiple accounts, schedule conference calls, launch web conferences - Account Dashboard makes it all easy

Account Dashboard
Find out how Account Dashboard can make conferencing easier for you.

Video Presentation - Account Dashboard
Visit our Video Presentations and Demos page to see how easy Account Dashboard can be.

View Plus | Online Conference Call Moderator Tool

Do you want complete control of your conference calls and large events? It's only a click of the mouse away with View Plus. View participants, mute lines, dial out, manage Q&A sessions, chat with an operator - and much more.

View Plus
Find out how to get the control you need.

Video Demo - View Plus
See for yourself how View Plus can put you back in control of your conferences.

Share Portal | Online Content Management

Share Portal is a secure, easy to use content management tool for sharing your recorded conferences and related files. You can get more mileage out of your recordings, presentations and documents by making them easily available after your conferences are over. Share Portal can help you to do exactly that.

Share Portal
Start sharing today with Share Portal content management.