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Web Conference Services

Visually impact your conference call audience with our fully-integrated web conference services. Whether you're giving a formal presentation to hundreds of people or just brain-storming with collegues, ConferencePlus has the online meeting solution for you.

Web Conference Options for Large and Small Organisations

To accommodate a wide range of customer sizes and needs, we offer competitive per minute pricing on three leading web conference applications. All of these online meeting solutions are completely integrated with our audio conference services to provide you with a seamless conference call package.

Benefits of Web Conferencing for Your Organisation

Is web conferencing the right choice for your organisation? Check out our "8 R's of Web Conferencing" to find out how you could benefit from combining an online meeting with your conference call.

8 R's of Web Conferencing:
  1. Refresh your sales approach with presentations that pop!
  2. Rejuvenate your internal meetings with powerful visual aids.
  3. Retain your employees and improve productivity with online training sessions.
  4. Revitalise your budget by eliminating business travel costs.
  5. Restore your value to customers with integrated audio and online communications.
  6. Reinvent your brand with a marketing tool that builds awareness and loyalty.
  7. Revive the attention of sales prospects with striking visuals.
  8. Recreate the way you do business with the easy-to-use and effective tool of web conferencing.

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